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Pretty cool program! It's actually pretty close to what I've been looking for. It's free and pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Perfect if you're like me and just looking for something simple to animate with and not totally complicated like adobe flash. It may not be perfect with huge high-quality TV-like animations, but it does its job.

Before, I had to use a combination GIMP and Windows Movie Maker, which came with a lot of time-consuming copying and pasting. There were no layers to separate backgrounds and objects in motion with those two. Monkeyjam does have layers to work with, and you're not limited to one set frame rate. Thanks to this, pencil animating is much easier in my opinion (if you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars and megabytes on "professional" programs at least ^^; ). It has its flaws, but then again, everything does. Just work around it.

  • Fast install
  • Good quality
  • Not much right-clicking needed
  • Organized
  • Free
  • Not all file types compatible
  • Importing slightly complicated
  • Could use an update or two

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13 Nov 2011

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